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Hemp seeds

CANN Toasted and Salted Hemp Seeds 135 g

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A salty snack or unique addition to diversify and spice up your recipes, toasted hemp seeds are a healthier alternative to commercial products, with no added oil and unnecessary preservatives. The fiber contained in the seed coating cleanses the body and helps with digestion and excretion, while its proteins provide full nourishment and a number of vitamins and minerals provide a strong immunity base to keep you always well. The sea salt used in CANN toasted hemp seeds come from protected areas of the Salina National Park in Slovenia.

Hmotnosť: 135 g

Zloženie: Konopné semienka pečené (98,8%), morská soľ (1,2%).

Skladovanie: Na suchom mieste a chráňte pred teplom.

Krajina pôvodu: Slovenská Republika

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The Power of Hemp Seeds

There would be no plants without seeds and there would be no hemp products without plants. Hemp seeds themselves harbor strength in the form of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and more) and vitamins (A, B, E, K and others) every human body appreciates

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