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Try vegan protein
for everyone who live active and love sports

  • Easy to digest
  • A rich source of fiber, antioxidants or healthy fats and minerals
Konopné mlieko

Natural hemp products for a healthier life

Learn more from us about what hemp products contain and their effects

Hemp Milk

A healthy and refreshing alternative to animal milk to caress the taste buds with soft, nutty tones. Delight your body with its nourishing ingredients! CANN hemp beverages contain the most hemp extracts available in Slovakia...

Hemp Tea

Sip some hemp tea to calm down and get away from your daily stress. Recommended for natural detoxification of the body, relaxing effects and encouraging a good appetite. Besides as a hot beverage, hemp tea can also be prepared cool or as a hemp syrup...

Hemp Seeds 

A rich source of proteins for cell nutrition and fiber to help with digestion and excretion.  Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are a special dietary supplement that are key to finding a healthy life balance...

Hemp oil

Concentrated unsaturated fats prevent or supplement treatment of high cholesterol, blood vessel disorders and heart problems. It also promotes brain and nervous system function and cell nutrition... 

Why buy from us

How a purchase guarantees satisfaction

Pure Plants

We select the highest quality plant material on the market for producing hemp food, over time achieving both the perfect taste and high nutritional values.


We are experienced in cultivating, processing and long-term production of hemp products and can guarantee first-class quality.

Easy to Purchase

Shopping with us is simple enough for virtually anyone to be able to buy without difficulties; a process even you can glide through easily.

Fast Delivery

Our lightning-fast team can handle deliveries to your satisfaction. Hemp product orders are delivered by us within 48 hours. 

True Hemp

Hemp is a plant that has been around for millennia, contributing to folk medicine, food preparation, textiles, paper and other industries where it is still used to this day. Nowadays, natural hemp plant products are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

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